Kettlebell Training required good kettlebells


Kettlebell training develops explosive strength,

Kettlebell training develops core stability, flexibility and endurance with routines that can be adapted to any number of fitness goals from maximal strength to fat loss. Hello and welcome to the world of kettlebell training my name is Aaron Ellis I’ve been using since 2003, I absolutely love them, use them every day and with my clients. My kids even use them! My 7-year old has a 2kg and two 4kg kettlebells he wants to be stronger than dad, I’m sure he will someday.

Kettlebell training is a unique training system that offers a huge range of benefits not found in typical gym workouts. The shape of the kettlebell and position of the handle allows you to swing, clean and snatch them. You can do these exercises with dumbbells but it just doesn’t feel right. When you start kettlebell training make sure you start with the right size, going too heavy can prevent you from learning correct technique.

Kettlebell training can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be and can be tailored to any level of ability from untrained couch potato to elite athlete. Once you experience the benefits of kettlebell training you will understand the almost limitless potential for strength and endurance that the human body possesses and how to achieve that potential for yourself.

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