Kettlebells, Strength and Endurance Training.

In time I hope to make this website grow by adding to the image gallery,
video clip gallery, articles, general training ideas / methods and much much more.

This site aims to present how I train, information, and footage I have collected
on training. Below is quick list of drills I do and teach.

Mobility Drills for Instant Readiness

Discover how you can prime to jam full blast
All day, any time—no further prep required.
Be smooth and mobile in every joint of your body.
Reduce or even completely eliminate joint pain—
So you can go longer and harder with less discomfort.
Learn a special drill to open up and loosen the hips for dramatically faster kicking.

Dynamic Stretches for anytime flexibility and awesome high kicks

Warm-up correctly and have active flexibility when you really need it.
Learn these drills and increase safety and reduce your injuries

Tension! “Instant Power” Techniques for powerful strikes and strength

Use the magic of “irradiation” to enormously amplify the power in your body.
The secret to timing your tension…
Experience the Power Tilt difference for your Push Ups, Chins-ups and Strikes.

Pressure! Power Breathing Secrets for Instant Strength

Skyrocket your strength even more and increase lifting safety

Secrets of Abdominal Strength Training

Carve Abs of steel- Develop super core strength

Pistol! The Leg Drill to of the Elite

Leg Endurance and Strength
Exerting your leg power through the entire range of motion.
Balance, flexibility and coordination
New to pistols? — Ways to help yourself get off to a fast start.

Kettlebell Ballistic Drills and Strength Grinds

Conditions You For Peak Fitness—To Gain The Edge In Your Chosen Sport
Drills for fat loss, and strength
Experience your shoulders, hips, midsection and legs
Strengthened and stretched at once in coordinated movements.

“GTG” one of the most effective strength routines

Once you try it you will believe

Achieve the splits with PNF/Isometric stretching

Instantly increase your stretches using methods to trick your stretch reflexes
Teach your muscles to relax into a stretch changes in the nervous system are immediate!

All these secrets are all based on solid, unassailable, commonsense physics!
Yet amazingly, not many people possess and know these winning secrets.