Aaron is a former State and 2x Australian Kickboxing Champion and has been involved in martial arts from an early age. He does not hold kickboxing classes but does teach private sessions. His martial art of focus is a Russian martial called Systema.

Systema covers tactics of all possible punches and kicks, chokes and holds, grappling and ground work, single and multiple opponents and armed assailants. This is a complete and versatile system of martial
arts! This art was developed for REAL situations. A true and effective self-protection system that gets you out of trouble in a hurry.

Designed to be quickly learned, and easily employed, in even the most dangerous of situations, Systema is ideal for those in immediate need of a truly viable form of self defence.

 Systema (The System) is a military fighting art based on the training of the Elite Russian Special Forces. It is a comprehensive system of defence and protection, which was only declassified, and made known to the public with the fall of the Soviet regime.

 Throughout the cold war it grew and adapted to the varied needs of the elite Soviet Special forces (Spetsnaz), and the KGB. As a result, it is a system that goes far beyond the scope of most martial arts, making it the consummate martial art for the modern world.

The Russian fighting system makes no distinction between blocks, strikes and holds, believing that every movement is multifunctional. Techniques are based on the natural movement of the body resulting in unique, unpredictable, and highly effective moves. This fighting art uses different parts of legs, arms and body to strike, kick, slap, drill, pinch and push to disorient, shock, disarm and destroy opponents.

Learn Simple methods for Personal Safety in a safe and controled environment!

Learn Direct and Practical training methods for ‘Real’ situations. Real life is not like the movies!

Learn Effective tactics to end confrontations quickly and efficiently. There are no flashy moves here! Just easy, realistic and highly effective defence tactics! 

This system covers tactics of all possible strikes and kicks, chokes and holds, grappling and ground work, single and multiple opponents, and empty handed and armed assailants. Emphasis is on the structure of a confrontation, the knowledge of Fear/Adrenaline,  economy of motion, continuous attack and unpredictable moves. This is a complete and versatile system of martial arts!

This art was developed for REAL situations. It is an art for the streets. A true and effective self-protection system that gets you out of trouble in a hurry and stops even the most seasoned street-fighter.


Who can train?
This system is ideal for people with no martial arts background and is an excellent complimentary skill set for law enforcement and security officers, as well as experienced fighters of any martial arts and military backgrounds.

CompleteStrength training is suited to a general fitness audience, however it was clearly developed with the martial artist in mind. maximizing strength, mobility and flexibility of the body while minimizing mass gains and injury, as well as reducing post muscle soreness and stiffness.

There is no substitute for hard work and knowledge. CompleteStrength shares both in quantity and quality. Anyone serious about getting fit and strong; should stop looking for a miracle machine or diet supplement and learn to achieve CompleteStrength.


There are no uniforms.
Trackpants and a t-shirt or any comfortable street clothing is recommended.


One on one private instruction by appointment, is available for students and non-students of CompleteStrength.
A great way to compliment your training!


On site training classes are available.
We also offer WORKSHOPS on various topics, kettlebells, flexible strength and self defense.
Keep updated by checking the seminar and news sections on the website frequently.


I take my role as a teacher very seriously. In my 13 years in the fighting arts, I’ve seen a lot of instructors who can perform their style very well, but who just don’t know how to share that knowledge with students. There’s a big difference between a talented practitioner and a good teacher.

I believe an effective teacher must be constantly developing their knowledge, martial and instructional skills. As a self-trained educator, and former competitor I’ve worked with the public voluntarily and privately in a variety fields.

From these opportunities, I’ve learned the importance of putting a great deal of planning into every class or workshop that I teach. The fact is, it’s difficult for people to make the time to train. Students make sacrifices to show up at class. When they walk through my door, I want them to know that their time will be well spent and that they’ve made an important investment in themselves that will benefit them for a long time to come. I commit to them as I do to you, to share my knowledge in the most energetic, generous and concise way that I know and to support, cultivate and and sustain the motivation to train. In the end, this is the key to success, since education is a process and not an event.


Though it seems like the last think you’d want to do in a fight is relax, you need to be able to effectively deal with tension and negate it to be effective. Tension reduces speed and the ability to absorb attacks.

One of the things most students don’t know is how to relax because they don’t know what real tension is.

In essence, they don’t recognize or aren’t aware of when they’re tense.

In the CompletStrength System, students work on tightening their muscles consciously so they become aware of the tension.

By contrasting different levels of tension they better come to realize what a relaxed state feels like.

If someone has tense shoulders and can’t relax, they must tense their shoulders up degree by degree until they’re as tense and tight as they can be. Then the student will relax so he can consciously feel the difference between the two states.

Sometimes students will be asked to lay down on the floor and concentrate on tightening up body parts one by one.

For instance, they will tighten up the right arm, then relax it or tighten their left arm, hold it very tight and relax it.

This will be followed with the right leg , then left leg and then both legs at once. Then students will tighten their whole body.

This tensing up and relaxing shows them the difference between relaxation and tension and helps them be more aware when tension is present.