Friday, May 24, 2019


One Arm Chin Training – Methods

I have never achieved a one-arm chin-up, it’s a huge goal, but even if you never reach it these methods will increase your pulling strength ten fold. There are a lot of good tips performing one arm chin training, but these are the methods I have discovered and others have use to get that legendary one arm chin: 1. Pull-up with two arms, go down with one: This might be a good approach, but I never could do this in the past (some years ago). To do this you […]

A Brief History Of Kettlebells

From Circus Tricks To World Championships: A Brief History Of Kettlebells The word girya( kettlebell) was first published in the Russian dictionary in 1704. Back then, kettlebells were used as scale weights to measure goods at the market, but farmers would sometimes swing and press the bells to show off their strength. After a while, kettlebells became commonplace at festivals, fairs, and circuses with various motions and juggling becoming popular acts. Since those early circus days, rivalry with kettlebells has continued to evolve, so let’s talk a […]

The Posterior Chain – Muscles of Power and Performance

So what exactly is the posterior chain and why is it so important? The posterior chain refers to a group of muscles that run down the back of the body. The primary muscles involved in this chain include the glutes, hamstrings, the lower back and also the calves to a certain extent. Sitting on your backside for the most part of your day leads to the glutes losing their primary function of hip stabilisation and extension. Even if you have an active lifestyle, if your training program […]

Age Is Just a Number – It’s Never Too Late To Start

Original Article 12/1/13 by Aaron Ellis Robert, first congratulations on your journey your before and after pictures are truly inspiring.   In today’s world, people make excuses for not being able to workout. Age is often one of those excuses, you are 64-year-old, right? [Robert] Yes I’m 64 years young.   How old were you when you started working out and what motivated you to make a lifestyle change? [Robert] I was 57 yrs old. In poor health and getting around with the use of walker and canes […]



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