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Treating Kyphosis – Rounding of the Upper Back

It’s true that people get shorter as they age, have you ever thought why?     One of the causes of this decrease in height is thoracic kyphosis, also known as a rounded upper back. What Is Kyphosis?       Kyphosis occurs when there is the excessive curvature of the spine, eventually causing a hump-like appearance in the upper back.   Between 20 and 40 percent of elderly adults experience kyphosis.   The greatest change in the thoracic curve occurs in women between the ages of 50 […]

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Joint Health & Mobility

Aaron Ellis Joint Mobility

An important factor for overall health   Joint Mobility is the ability to move a joint throughout its entire range of motion with control.   Strength and fitness are great, what’s not great is having a beat-up body with stiff joints due to not putting all the joints in your body through their entire range of motion every other day.   Sport, recreational activities, and even your work environment can limit your joint range of motion.   Repetitive movements and lack of movement (standing and sitting) impact the […]

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Power Breathing and Growth Hormone

There has been a lot of talk of late about power breathing and its effect on strength.   Power breathing is performed by taking a slow deep breath through the nose about 75% of your lung capacity. Breathe into the stomach using the diaphragm don’t just raise the chest.   Exhale through the mouth plugging your teeth with your tongue and hiss while tensing the abs until a full contraction has been obtained. Rest and repeat up to 5 sets of 5.   I also recommend contracting […]

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Power Breathing Training: Oblique Power Breathing Drill

Aaron Ellis Oblique Power Breathing

Everybody should know the benefits of power breathing. If you don’t read my previous article here   Well here is a little variation I came up with that focuses in on the obliques.   Take the same stance as if you were going to do regular power breathing take a breath (about 75% is the recommended amount).   Tense your glutes, pull your rectal sphincter up and tense your abs as if you were going to take a blow to the midsection.   This is where the […]

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