Power Breathing Training: Oblique Power Breathing Drill

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Everybody should know the benefits of power breathing. If you don’t read my previous article here

Well here is a little variation I came up with that focuses in on the obliques.

Take the same stance as if you were going to do regular power breathing take a breath (about 75% is the recommended amount).

Tense your glutes, pull your rectal sphincter up and tense your abs as if you were going to take a blow to the midsection.

This is where the drill changes slightly. Instead of just hissing out as you normally would, first raise your right hip up by tensing your calf muscle and pointing the foot.

The ball of your foot is still pressing against the ground. Now while expelling the air concentrate the abdominal contraction in the right oblique.

Pull the hip up to your ribs with a slight forward movement. Hiss hard pushing the air out and tensing like a mad-man.

Repeat this drill for the left side after a short break.

I have been alternating each side with normal power breathing for 5 sets (each set is an oblique power breath each side and a regular power breath). This exercise tightens and shrinks the waistline and gives great definition to the obliques.

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What did you learn from the article? Share it with your friends.


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