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A Brief History Of Kettlebells

From Circus Tricks To World Championships: A Brief History Of Kettlebells The word girya( kettlebell) was first published in the Russian dictionary in 1704. Back then, kettlebells were used as scale weights to measure goods at the market, but farmers would sometimes swing and press the bells to show off their strength. After a while, kettlebells became commonplace at festivals, fairs, and circuses with various motions and juggling becoming popular acts. Since those early circus days, rivalry with kettlebells has continued to evolve, so let’s talk a […]

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What Kettlebell Size and Weight Should You Start With?

Kettlebell workouts ARE the answer to maintaining and transforming your body into a fitness machine at home without the need for having an expensive club membership.   We know that kettlebells develop superior fitness fast. What benefits does kettlebell training have for the average woman or man? And what size do you start with?   I will answer both of these questions and get you started with your kettlebell workouts.   The kettlebell trains the body to work as a complete unit and as a result creates […]

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